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567 Tremont Street | Boston, MA 02118



By donating to Boston APP/Lab, you'll be helping to strengthen community through the arts in Greater Boston's public places.

The Lab's Mission

  • ​BostonAPP/Lab incubates new collaborations, shaped by civic engagement, to support arts in Greater Boston's public places. 

The Lab's Methods

  • We host issue-and-action focused open Workshops, informed by the interplay of the art, the public, and the place. The Workshops seek to provide a forum in which to poke and probe for new, robust, and dynamic collaborations that strengthen and sustain arts in Greater Boston’s public places.

  • Through the ArtsCommons project, we seek to provide a platform and "connection point," to further these collaborations throughout Greater Boston's neighborhoods, and with the participation of communities and artists.

The Lab's Requests

  • Explore, propose, and contribute

  • Help make civic space come alive by donating your time, thoughts -- and, perhaps, dollars

The Lab's Accomplishments

  • Hosted 32 Workshops, with more on the way!

  • A growing universe of over 750 participants -- artists, city agencies, non-profits, educational institutions, funders, and the general public 

  • Debut of the ArtsCommons at Figment Festival 2017

  • Creation of our downloadable Gameboard an easy-to-grasp visual tool illustrating the who, what, and how of public art.

  • Partnership with Wentworth's Institute of Technology's RAMP program.

  • Awarded Presidential EPIC Mini-Grant from Wentworth, with the ArtsCommons as the focus of a graduate architecture design studio, leading to the design/fabrication of a "kit of parts" with which to outfit an ArtsCommons container.  

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