What is the ArtsCommons?

As a physical space: a portable black box for the visual and performing arts. 
As a social space: a catalyst for civic engagement. For artists, and for the communities within which they seek to thrive, the ArtsCommons will curate, collect, and display disparat e ideas, activities, improvisations, and installations.

The ArtsCommons is an outdoor, flexible, free-standing, and multi-purpose (art-) maker’s space able to support performances (spoken word, dance, music), installations, and exhibitions.


The City and its spaces allow for a mix of infinite numbers of activities and interactions. The City also needs spaces that foster those activities and interactions – that collaboration! The ArtsCommons is conceived as a democratic space – for artists and others interested in participating in this kind of democracy. 

We want to give that space to you...for you – whether individual or organization – to use in ways that only you can imagine. 

The ArtsCommons will be a place for artists to meet and collaborate. It will also serve to generate events through active participation by not only artists, but also neighborhood leaders and community members. Offering opportunities for this kind of collaboration serves as a profound example of community building that is creative in all senses. 

The possibilities are endless. 

What can artists and communities do together that they can't do separately? How can the visual and performing arts feed into, and be fed by, the talents, ideas, and imaginations of Boston's rich array of neighborhoods and the people who live and work in those neighborhoods? What kind of impact, in the end, will the ArtsCommons have on the spaces within which it will be sited, and on the City as a whole?

The Program:

A temporary curatorial team will identify the visual and performing artists whose works will serve as the ArtsCommons launches.