From grandiose statues of military men, to spray painted tags of local teenagers, a place is created, molded, dismantled, designed and energized with arts for (and by) the public. Arts in public places form communities and allow further engagement with one’s surroundings. Cities can be isolating, uniformed places, unfortunately often lacking in community spirit, or social interaction. The arts’ inclusion in modern urban living can act as placemaker and encourage attachment to a space.

Art in a gallery or museum is a fantastic resource but not always accessible or totally inclusive. Public art is free and interacts with our everyday life. It’s open to everyone. Boston APP/Lab recognizes this universality and we want to celebrate all that is great about our city!

Our mission is to identify, convene, and link individual and organizational talents, experiences, and ideas in order to incubate new collaborative initiatives—within and across public, private, and non-profit sectors, and at a variety of scales—on behalf of an expanded and inclusive vision for arts in Greater Boston's public places. But we need your help. In celebrating and sharing arts already in place, we are acknowledging its importance in our communities and emphasising it’s importance. We want to showcase the incredible creative minds and experiences throughout the Greater Boston area.

Get involved! Use your own social media accounts to share images and videos of Arts in public places. From graffiti to performance to the way fallen leaves make patterns on the sidewalk - we want to see it! With the hashtag #ArtsInPublicPlaces people and communities can connect and embrace the environments around them. We’re sharing our favorites on Instagram (@bostonapplab) and our website - so get involved and get published! Early next year we’ll be picking our favorite image or video from the hashtag and the lucky winner will get our first printed Boston APP/Lab T-Shirt, as well as a VIP invite to our APP Celebration Party!

By sharing what inspires and intrigues you and your community we’ll also be able to keep track of the kind of arts you want to see in public places. With your help we hope to move forward with plans in 2016 to bring more arts to your communities. Keep checking our social media accounts, as well as the hashtag to stay up to date on all we’re doing!