The marriage of food and art: a ceremony of ideas, initiatives, inspiration

Participants in the Lab's January 26 workshop were given the opportunity to respond to the new Boston Public Market and its adjoining KITCHEN (yup, all caps!): what kinds of programming, partnerships, performances, installations will contribute to the vision for an active, exciting, unmissable  destination not only for Boston but for the region? There are no wrong answers, we said. And folks took us at our word: everything from latte art to bespoke music for each vendor to contemporary lighting to partnering with institutions ranging from Mass General Hospital to the North Bennett Street School. (You can see the array of suggestions in the Notes section of the website.)

Where do we go from here? Well, we'd hoped for a follow-up with The Trustees of Reservations (which is overseeing the KITCHEN) and the Boston Public Market Association in order to sketch out a kind of implementation roadmap, including a more in-depth examination of some of the ideas that emerged from the January 26 event. That may happen yet!

Stick around, to see what we'll be cooking up. (Yeah, I know. I should have resisted, but I couldn't.)