Altia Bend: Building the ArtsCommons

Evolution is any process of formation or growth; development.

Creating something as dynamic and innovative as the ArtsCommons takes both time and dedication. What started out as an idea is becoming a reality that will surely inspire and bring the community together.

Part of the formation in making something this great was considering the people it would affect. The ArtsCommons is for the community, so it was only right that we asked for their input about the idea. Before the process started, opinions were gathered from the public about what the next steps should be. Here are a few of the things people had to say:

“I would like to see more of an effort from the Lab in having meetings in various public spaces around the Greater Boston area so we are engaging the various communities and inviting more people to get involved wherever they are.”

“Continue to shine a spotlight on innovative art and the way it is being made. Explore how the art can best serve communities and the public. Start doing projects documenting projects, start branding BostonAPP/Lab...act as a facilitator, connector, consciousness-raiser.”

“[We should] form a communication network bridging various groups and disciplines to spread good ideas, help each other, and combat the traditional soiling of the Boston arts scene.”

Community outreach is only the first part of the evolution. One Saturday morning, members of the BostonAPP/Lab gathered together in the space that will eventually become the ArtsCommons. With no real resources available, they used wooden pallets and other pieces of wood to put together a “mock stage,” something they envisioned would be a part  of the final product.

It’s these simple gestures of bringing people together that will help execute the creation of the ArtsCommons and fulfill the goal of bringing together the community.