As a physical space: a free-standing, portable "art-maker's space" -- soon taking shape as one or more repurposed shipping containers -- for performances, installations, improvisations. 
As a social space: a catalyst for civic engagement, bringing together artists, the communities within which they seek to thrive, and the results of those collaborations. 

We're excitedly engaged in some exciting collaborative discussions regarding implementation of the ArtsCommons -- physically and artistically -- for Summer and Fall 2017. Details definitely to follow.

In the meantime, the video below captures at least part of our engagement with residents at the Mildred Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain, where we hopefully (meant literally!) planted some seeds for a future ArtsCommons-related initiative. It was shot during one of our early visits to the site, and gives some idea of the energy and talent residing there! 



Whether projections, hung art, or other interfaces, the walls of the “Black-Box” will be able to be engaged, as they readily advertise the wide variety of activity that has taken place.


At its core, the containers will act as a venue for performance art of all kinds - spoken word, theatre, music, magic, and stand-up comedy. Most importantly, we hope that the ArtsCommons will subvert the notion of who is the performer and who is the audience. 


The ArtsCommons isn’t just for artists. It is a place where the public can regain lost space in the city. The AC will act as a park in some cases, and a testing ground for what really constitutes great public places.


We are certain that with the right programming and a flexible spatial configuration that there will be unimaginably diverse activities and events occurring in and around the space at any given time. Our hopes are that collaborations between people who may have never met otherwise are encouraged, born, and fostered.      


The project continues to evolve, with the video below summarizing one of the early, framework-setting workshops.


Where in your neighborhood could the ArtsCommons be sited? How would the ArtsCommons best serve your community and the work of your community's artists? Send us a note, and we'll explore the possibilities together!