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By donating to Boston APP/Lab, you'll be helping to strengthen community through the arts in Greater Boston's public places.


...engaging community to initiate and support  collaboration for art in public spaces.


...convening community to initiate and support  collaboration for art in public spaces.


Convening and implementing new collaborations for art in Greater Boston's public places

as a catalyst for community building.

The Lab's Workshops...brainstorming hubs for collaboration, experimentation, community-building, making art 

The Lab's ArtsCommons...bringing the hubs to  your neighborhood, creating connection points to experience, view, and participate in art.

Investigate...experiment...imagine...with the Lab.

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November 05, 2018

This happened! Recent Workshop: Art+Design for Accessibility in Public Spaces

Lots of inspired ideas emerged from this deep dive into accessibility. Terrific partnering with the Charlesgate Alliance, the Emerald Necklace Conservancy, Landing Studio, and Charles Baldwin, head of Mass Cultural Council's UP Initiative. "Intentional anticipation of human variety." True enough. Workshop notes to be posted soon. Stay in touch!

The Foundry/Cambridge: Envisioned as a new center for creativity and collaboration...

...and the Lab is proud to be part of bringing that vision to life, as a member of the Lemelson-MIT-led Operator Consortium, officially approved by the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority. Working with the rest of the Consortium, the Lab is helping not only to contribute to the arts-related components of the project, but to engage with the various Cambridge communities, gaining ground-up perspectives on the interrelationships between The Foundry and members of those communities. For more on the project, head over to 

Recent blog post by Ben Bruce: The Power of Active Participation in the City

Check it out: what can that kind of participation look like? 

Latest on the ArtsCommons

More work is underway in connection with completing installation of the ArtsCommons' "kit of parts" -- designed by that amazing of Wentworth graduate architecture students --  and on identifying sites and partners for these "(arts)-makers' spaces." Question to all: if the ArtsCommons took up residence, for however long, in your neighborhood, what would you like to see displayed/performed/reflect your community? Let us know: There are no wrong answers!!

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