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Terrific, passionate discussion 11/30 on #PublicArtandHealing: major thanks to New American Public Art, Riverview Chamber Players, Kilombo Novo Indigenous Healing Arts, plus all who participated. Workshop Notes here, as well as some early thoughts about a January follow-up: moving from major concepts into designs for public art. 

Idea-rich "#CivicArtsCivicLife" workshop October 4: "Civic Innovation, Digital Media, Arts in Public Places." We invite your responses to the Notes; get in touch via

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               Dance to the music...

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The Lab made unique use of shipping pallets to create performance/art-making spaces on and right next to the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral -- the center of JP's "Latin Quarter."  Included were two groups: Code Listen organized by Shaw Pong Liu, a Boston Artist-in-Residence, and IN-SIGHT Boston, Con Moto, organized by Rashin Fahandej, a documentary film-maker affiliated with MIT's Open Doc Lab. In addition, LMerchie Frazier, another Boston Artist-in-Residence (and new member of BostonAPP/Lab's Board), organized a "PowerUp Collage" participatory event engaging members of the community in creating small, three-dimensional works focused!