THE LAB's mission:

  • To instigate, strengthen, and implement new collaborations on behalf of art in public places...
  • To identify new ways to take art out into the world.

the lab's methods:

  • Issue- and action-focused open Workshops framed by civic engagement and informed by community voices. 
  • "Connection points" for communities and artists called the ArtsCommons.

the lab's challenges:

  • Explore -- and PROPOSE -- new collaborations with us at our Workshops and other events...
  • Donate HERE to support our help make civic space come alive. 


  • ArtsCommons launched at Figment2017! Music, visual art, participation, improvisation. Deepest appreciation to LMerchie Frazier, Nate Tucker, Feda Eid, Anthony Tran, Mike Eagle, and the over 400 visitors who were willing to tell us, "What's Next...! The video below captures a true sense of what happened, and who made it happen! 
Video created by Anthony Tiriti Tran & Feda Eid, 2017
  • More on the ArtsCommons, which was recently awarded a Presidential EPIC Mini-Grant from Wentworth Institute of Technology, aimed at implementing the results of a special architecture/design studio focused on the ArtsCommons. 


  • This follows participation this past summer in Wentworth's RAMP bridge program, with newly-admitted students focusing on and providing powerful ideas for the ArtsCommons.
  • And we continue to build on what we saw, heard, and learned from the ArtsCommons prototype crafted as part of JPPorchfest 2016 -- participation exemplifying both the process and the product.

This is what collaboration looks like.






help us answer "what's next...?"

Help us build the ArtsCommons. 

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Community participation.

Community engagement.


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Click and shop via and Amazon will donate to BostonAPP/Lab!