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Workshop 1

Building a Networking + Communication Strategy and an Implementation Plan

BostonAPP/Lab Notes from Jan 22, 2013

Three objectives for BAL/BAPP

  • Directory of people/events

  • Community-building tools

    • Social media?

    • Others?

  • Transparent, on-going information sharing

    • Use “demonstration” project/event as template

    • Best practices/lessons learned/who did what/obstacles overcome with or without difficult

  • NOTE: Heard today at NEFA session on funding public art, that NEFA will be launching something called “Creative Ground,” a kind of mash-up between CultureTown and Matchbook. Elyse McNiff just sent me some follow-up information, with the following note:

    • I checked in and since CreativeGround is in the development phase still what I told you is essentially what we know re: public art + CreativeGround…creation of profiles, uploading images, being able to link artists to nonprofits, etc. Here is a handout that we have been using. There is not a lot of info because we are still building the website. It will be launched later this spring. When more info becomes available I will be posting in the Public Art Bulletin and most likely we will have a NEFA blog post.

    • She also sent along an announcement (see attachment). I got back to her and asked whether it’d be possible to get together with Adrienne Petrillo, at NEFA, and talk about where the common interests (common ground?) might lie between Creative Ground and the Lab.

  • Below are the three major categories of activity I proposed to MassDOT, and which are based on what’s been going on with BostonAPP/Lab and for the most part reinforced last night.

    • Building and sustaining partnerships

      • Public-private

      • NGO-private

      • Public-public

      • Public-institutional

    • Building and sustaining political will

      • Engaging neighborhoods

      • Engaging local, city, regional, and statewide decision makers

    • Building and sustaining creative financing strategies:

      • Private sector

      • Private philanthropies

      • Educations institutions

  • A FOURTH CATEGORY from last night:

    • Laura’s image of “artists having a beer”: meet-ups, maybe both real and virtual

    • Question(s):

      • What does this “look like?”

      • What are anticipated outcomes?

      • Who else can (eventually?) participate and have a beer?

      • How does this fit in to Mark’s structure?

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