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Workshop 7


BostonAPP/Lab Notes from November 26, 2013

By way of admission: The following notes are admittedly sketchy (in all senses of the word...), but will, I hope, provide at least some hooks onto which others can hang their own recollections as well as follow-up thoughts. The discussion was provocative in the best sense, and we’ll definitely be continuing with a results-focused workshop “2.0” early in 2014.

Above all, don’t hesitate to add, subtract, counter, or otherwise flesh out these bare bones.




  • “Canvass” used in many ways:

    • Rachel: Canvassing the city

    • Dan: Public space as a series of canvasses

  • Dan: Mind/imagination as the prime tool with which to “tackle” these canvasses

  • BMW Guggenheim Lab (

    • 100 Trends in major cities, from 3-D printer to social design to urban salons

    • Identifies design that excludes: for example, infrastructure that doesn’t enable people to hang around

  • Boston Innovation fund ($1million), under Urban Mechanics

  • Gary: Thinking about Boston as a space

  • Celebrity Series 75 Pianos Project: more about relationships than about process

    • Take-aways:

      • Time-sensitive: beginning, middle, end

      • Helped create community – among those doing it, and those benefitting from it

  • Eric: How can collaboration manifest itself? What can we do collectively?

  • Gary: performing arts organizations in silos (!!); end result of whatever an organization does has to be about results, not about the organization

  • Renata: combine community actions with physical activity

  • Dan: how can CS leverage what it achieved with 75 pianos? Two-sentence permit: can that be transferred/is it replicable

  • Centralized depot...use searchable database [Ron: the Lab as that depot, potentially?]

  • Aaron: Tactical urbanism needs tactical outreach (cf. Gary’s comment re relationships)

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