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Workshop 9


BostonAPP/Lab Notes from February 25, 2014

What are the opportunities for art in new development beyond the "statue in the lobby?" How can those opportunities be realized -- and how are they being realized? Are there economic models that, when applied, allow for a long-term relationship between art and creativity on the one hand and real estate development on the other. Can art be integrated into a development's long-term operation -- whether the development is affordable housing, mixed-income housing, or mixed-use?


The lead "explorers" in this workshop included Mark Matel, Rose Architecture Fellow and Project Manager for the Bartlett Yard affordable housing project; Sebastian Mariscal, principal with Sebastian Mariscal Studio and designer/developer of the new mixed- income/mixed-use Parker & Terrace Development in Mission Hill; and artist Cedric Douglas, many of whose works appeared this summer at Bartlett Yard and who is a finalist for a permanent installation at Upham's Corner.


Sebastian Mariscal:

  • Art leaking into the streets

  • Decorative arena: typical hotel lobby, separation between human being and the art: how to change this?

  • Art as a holistic phenomenon

  • Physical integration:

    • Block building as barrier, with little space for art

    • Instead, create spaces for art – blank canvases

    • Invite city to come in

  • Social integration

    • Various art forms, interacting with expressions of our time

  • Mission Hill:

    • Share values

    • Community courtyards, plus private open green spaces

    • Courtyard as“ blank canvas”

  • Think of building as continuation of the city

  • Allow for unplanned activities

  • “Art in an energized place”


Mark Matel:

  • “Art as a community development tool”

  • “Collect the momentum...tell the story”

  • Importance of public spaces!!

  • Intelligent partnerships

  • Set up infrastructure for innovation to happen

  • How to link this to revenues for artists

  • How to marry art to development/integrating in small increments to make scale

    • Incremental charges on top of usual charges:

    • Creating revenue streams through the building itself [Do you run out of locations???]

    • Developer gets foot traffic!!

    • Could it work for an office building?


Cedric Douglas:

  • Connections between design world and graffiti

  • [Development that includes a public art gallery]

  • Artist’s role in community development

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